Progress Report [2013 to 2017]

We have the pleasure to transpire the integrated progress in consonance of financial audit reports in a brief view for the last 5 years from 2013 to 2017. We have formed and constituted ourselves as an association by establishing articles of the Organization with the name INDUS RELIEF AND WELFARE ORGANIZATION (IR&WO).

During the initial years, from 2013 to 2017, the operational focus was on infrastructural work of volunteers’ mobilization and training by arranging workshops and Seminars along with some welfare projects e.g. hand pumps Installation, constructing lavatories, providing opportunities for small business start-up and emergency relief works during sudden calamities, that the said social services were provided to deserving people with the worth of Rs. 52,26,500/= and in this year, 2017 the relief work carried out in the summarized form as under:

  1. Blankets and tents were distributed at a cost of Rs. 1,85,000/= at eight flood relief centers of different villages and towns.
  2. 10 Sewing machines were distributed to deserving widows and orphan women in Tehsil Doki District Larkana as uplift assistance at the expense of Rs. 75,000.
  3. In order to promote a hygienic sense in poverty-stricken areas, 12 Lavatories were built in thirteen different villages of Tehsil Chahchro, District Tharparkar – Sindh at the expense of Rs. 45,000.
  4. 4 hand pumps were installed in Sindh at expense of Rs. 65,000.
  5. National day celebration and awareness workshop @ Rs. 56,750.

With the experience of practical work on the ground, looking into the poor living condition of the people in suburb areas of cities and towns and especially rural population struggling for survival, our first thought was open to some sort of financial support to education for uplifting the deserving families and talented students from schools to Ph.D. level.

We hope that in the following term the IR&WO will make a sound policy and work it out for the the benefit of deserving talented scholars in all areas of study.

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