Progress Report [2017 – 2018]

As per the plan of Last year, Indus Relief and Welfare Organization made a scholarship policy with the approval of the executive body. Thereafter the education committee invited applications for the purpose through social media circular. Upon applications, scholarship forms were issued and on submissions, thereof the same were scrutinized with the set criteria of Need & Merit basis and sent to the Education Committee under Chair of the president of IR&WO for final approval.
The need for scholarship at every level of education bearing equal importance but the financial gap in paying for colleges and universities is apparent, especially the students of professional degrees. IR&WO wishes to enable deserving students to have the commitment to complete their courses and give back to society with the uplifting of their families, within tough situations:

  1. Top Concern for the need of scholarship in rural areas’ students, while studying in towns and cities. The parents cannot afford the cost of their children’s education.
  2. The tuition and fees at educational institutions are promptly rising correspondingly with day-to-day accelerated inflation.
  3. Another highest concern is that not enough scholarships and grants available to cover the need of deserving but capable scholars.

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