Progress Report [2018 – 2019]

We have an interest in finding out the genuine scholars who are actually in need of a scholarship for continuing their studies. They can belong to any field or at any stage. Providing scholarship is no doubt a pious and important virtue for us to uplift society with the nexus of human development on the basis of education. In search of such deserving and talented scholars, Education Committee comes forward with our limited resources, scrutinizes the cases by investigating each on basis of parents, and students’ interviews and information confirms and gathers with utmost care to preserve the self-esteem of the applicants in society.
With blessings of the Almighty – students are taking benefit for getting an education from schools, high schools, colleges, and universities of their choices in the areas of studies in interest, they have. This year 95 students of schools and high schools, 54 students belong to intermediate and degree colleges and 31 students of universities belong to professional fields of medical, engineering and law, etc., while 10 scholars are doing M. Phil and Ph.D. degrees.
The scholarship was disbursed with Rs. 25,57,685/= as tuition fee and Rs. 71,500 being hostel assistance and Rs. 16,000/= as support for transport to female scholars, and Rs. 65,000/= were
spent on arranging awareness programs. During next year The IR&WO have a plan to enhance 50% more scholar for higher education and start again some social work in rural Sindh.

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